Azeem Mushtaq (Sensei)

Azeem Mustaq (Sensei)

Rank : Sensei

Qualifications: Godan, MA, BA (Hons), Dip Shiatsu-Do (FWSS)

About: Azeem found and setup EmptyHand KaraTe School in March 2006. He is the Head Teacher (Sensei) at EmptyHands and is responsible for the teaching structure, syllabus, KaraTe coaching and mentoring for students and Assistant Instructors.


Azeem developed a keen interest in the fighting arts as a child with a family background in wrestling. He found Martial Arts in his teens with a great interest in kick boxing. In 1994 he began his KaraTe journey with the Poon Dojo where he became a senior teacher after years of dedication. Over the years he also followed and studied the work of various Karate Masters including the late Hirokazu Kanazawa Sōke, Chris Rowen Shihan, Yoshinobu Ohta Sensei and Nobuaki Kanazawa Kanchō.

Internal Martial Arts:

In 1999, Azeem began his study in the internal arts with Master John Ding (International Academy of Tai Chi Chuan). He trained under the guidance of Sifu until 2005 and in 2014 returned to the academy to resume his training.


As a result of recognising the impact of internal martial arts, in September 2000 he joined the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London and graduated with a practitioners Diploma in 2003. Today, Azeem continues his research in his private clinic in Epping (Essex) as a fellowship member of the Shiatsu Society under the guidance and support of Rex Lassale (Shiatsu Master).

Karate Coaching Model:

In 2013 he completed an M.A in Coaching at the Oxford Brookes University where he pioneered the first ever Karate Coaching Model through a research study. Currently he is working towards raising awareness in Karate for coaching through lectures, articles and publications.

Karate Research:

Azeem continues his research by collaborating with various established groups in order to keep up-to-date with the latest work within Karate-Dô. In recent years he has been working on the refinement of Shodan, Nidan & Sandan syllabus to better align them with the demands of the modern Karate-ka. He has also developed a new Dojo Kata (Ensō) that was derived from 15 years of research. Currently, Azeem is working on a new applied Karate syllabus and developing online Karate learning through Microsoft Teams.

Other Profession

Azeem has an extensive academic background in Business Architecture & IT Transformation; he is a freelance Senior Business Consultant (Bespoke Vista Ltd) and has been working for various large organisations for the last 20 years. Through his profession (MoD & MET Police), he has held security clearances and is currently eCRB checked.

Irm Mushtaq (Sensei)

Rank: Sensei

About: Irm started her Karate career in 2006 when EmptyHands first opened it doors. She worked diligently as an ambassador of Karate promoting the philosophy and aim of our Dojo. Irm has been actively involved in the management of EmptyHands alongside coaching and mentoring beginner students. She is one of our Senior Instructors and founder/teacher of our EmptyHands Yoga classes.

Leila Mushtaq (Senpai)

Rank: Senpai

About: Leila is 9 years old and is in year 4, she attends Coopersale Hall School in Epping. She has been training at the Dojo since she was 3 years old. She particularly enjoys sharing her knowledge with beginner students and helping with the warm-up. The Instructor training program has helped Leila with her communication and engagement skills. Leila enjoys being conversational and is interested in yoga, she likes to be creative with Yoga and Karate postures. Her favourite subjects are Drama, Art, Dancing, French and playing the Violin.

Reet Chadda (Senpai)

Rank: Senpai

About: Reet is in year 8 and attends Westcliff High School for Girls. She has been training at the dojo since she was 7 years old. She has acquired valuable knowledge that has helped her grow, throughout her karate experience and is keen to continue learning. Before starting Karate Reet was very shy and quiet however she has gained her confidence from karate and the instructor training program. She hopes to pass on her knowledge while mentoring younger Karateka.

Adwaitha Vinayan (Senpai)

Rank: Senpai

About: Adwaitha is 11 yrs old. She attends Westcliff High School for Girls and is in year 7. Adwaitha has been training since she was 7 years old. She likes studying KaraTe theory and helping instructing Wednesday and Thursday classes. The instructor training programme has helped her to be more confident and to learn to self discipline herself more. Adwaitha also enjoys attending special workshops. Her hobbies are tennis and karate. 

Dhillon Baines (Senpai)

Rank: Senpai

About: Dhillon is 9 years and attends Redbridge primary school in Year 5. He has been training at the dojo since the age of 4. He regularly helps organise the Wednesday and Thursday classes and the monthly Saturday workshops. His ambition in Karate is to go further and better himself in all areas of the syllabus.

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