Many studies have shown that Martial Arts (all contact sports) are often associated to high risk of injuries. Subsequently, there is a need of a more pragmatic approach towards training within Martial Arts in relation to injury management or prevention.

Our Clinic aims to provide a “Center of Excellence” for Sports Injury Management and Prevention. EmptyHands is the only Dojo that provides workshops & training towards Sport Injury Management. We are constantly striving to research and learn about how to best tackle injuries. Our Dojo members are encouraged to report all Karate training problems so that experiences can be discussed and shared amongst our community. All our Instructors are trained in First Aid and Injury Management.

Sport injuries have generally three main categories:
1) Minor Injuries (abrasions, sprains, blisters, muscle soreness, cramps, splints etc)
2) Moderate Injuries (tendon rupture, pull/tear/strain of muscle, stress fracture etc)
3) Major Injuries (tendon rupture, fracture, concussion etc)

If you have any injuries (short or long-term) feel free to contact us for advice, support or treatment.