I have known Azeem for most of his Karate career and have always been impressed with his passion for Martial Arts. Over the years I have got to know him as a student and a friend. He is shining example of one who has put time, effort and belief into Karate-Do and has selflessly shared it for the benefit of a wider audience. He recently completed an MA research study in Karate Coaching which has been a ground-breaking and thought provoking contribution to the literature of Karate-do.
Azeem is a true traditional martial artist who has persistently exemplified devout loyalty and respect to the Karate lineage. His innovative and forward thinking approach has made him a great ambassador of Karate. In the 90s he pioneered one of the first online Karate magazine’s where martial artists from all walks of life would come together to share their ideas.

I congratulate the EmptyHands Dojo on their new website and wish them the best in their journey!

In Budo & Friendship